Are you a brand?

Place your products in our catalog and open your brand up to thousands of potential sales channel across social commerce today.

Orca allows any creator to build their own online boutique in seconds. Once their store is created, they choose what to sell from our catalog of thousands of premium products like yours.

You’re in control

With Orca, product and inventory data is always synced and up to date. When an order comes in, it's automatically forwarded to you or your 3PL for fulfillment. We make sure you’re always in control of your inventory.

We're here to help

Orca strives to offer unique, high-quality products that are differentiated from the run-of-the-mill. If approved, our team will work with you to identify which products will perform best across social commerce and get them in front of our thousands of sellers.

Orca is free

There are zero upfront costs when you onboard and sell with Orca. We upload your products into our marketplace and our sellers can start selling right away.

The economics

Orca pays a wholesale price of 65% of the MSRP to brand partners upon each sale. Earnings are automatically paid out monthly.

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