Frequently asked questions
(for creators)

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Is it really 20% commission on all sales?

Yes! All sales. 20% commission in your pocket.

How do I get paid?

All you need is a PayPal handle (we swear!). Every month you’ll get a payment directly to your PayPal account from Orca. Keep up with your monthly earnings on your “Reports” page in the Orca App.

How do I get the products?

After you’ve created your store write to get a free product of your choice (really, ANYTHING in the entire Orca catalog!) sent to you no strings attached. All additional products are available to you at 40% off retail price anytime and we also run giveaways, contests and free product opportunities regularly. You can always reach out to us to talk about options for acquiring more physical product.

*If you live in Los Angeles, our studio is always open for you. Swing by to check out products, shoot content or just say hi!

How do I sell the products?

However you want! You are a creator and you know your followers. Whether it’s going live to demonstrate the product, taking beautiful glossy images on Instagram or crafting a clever TikTok, you do you. If you’re looking for inspiration however, you can always visit our socials where we have a lot of fun featuring the products you can sell with Orca.

Do I have to ship anything?

No. Orca handles all shipping and fulfillment. You can just sit back and wait for the payment to hit!

What if the customer has issues with their order?

As soon as someone orders a product from your store they will be sent a confirmation email. That email will include contact information for them if they have any issues or questions. And you can always send people to

Can I be featured on Orca’s socials?

If you’re having fun and making money using your Orca-powered store, we’d love to feature you and tell your story! Hit us up at and let’s make it happen. If you’re located in Los Angeles, we could even go live together.

I have more questions about this Orca thing. Who can I talk to?

Great! We love to talk. Email us at and we'll get you answers. 🙂