Fundraising with Orca

Are you an organization, school, non-profit, club, group, or individual trying to fundraise money for a cause you care about? Now you can run your next fundraiser through Orca!

We’re a tool that allows anyone to create their own online store and sell from our collection of products.

Now, we’re expanding our network of sellers to include fundraising group and other organizations. Create an Orca shop for your organizations and 20% of every cause will go back to your organization!

How it Works


Click here or go to

Enter your or your organization’s email address. Create a password. Name your store, add a description and pick your store’s URL. Now you have an Orca store for you or your organization to help you fundraise!

Customize your store

Add your organization’s logo, photos, contact information and more. Pick fonts and colors that match your group’s branding.

Add products

Pick products to sell from our catalog of thousands. These are the products you will sell. Your supporters will be able to purchase these in support of your organization.

You will get 20% back to support your cause on EVERYTHING you sell.

Fundraise with us

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