Apply to be an Orca Livestream Host today

Say goodbye to the madness of malls, the insanity of in-person shopping, and the crazy chaos of pushing a cart (*shudders*). Live shopping on social media is the way of the future.

Do you have high energy, on-camera experience and a love for shopping? Are you witty and fun? Are you a guru in beauty, fashion, home, parenting or another online niche?

Then join the world of live shopping by applying to be an Orca Host today. We’ll help get you started with free product samples, training and a team of support (your fellow Orcans who just want to see you succeed).

Work Remotely

Stream from your room, kitchen, home-office, wherever you want!

Payment starts up to $50 an hour (cha-ching!)

As a trainee, with opportunities to move up to host. As you get promoted hourly pay will increase, along with opportunities for commissions, extra support, etc. If interested please apply by filling out the form below. We will contact you for an interview/audition if we think it’s a good fit!

Apply to be a host today!